Hope Community offers many opportunities for individuals and families to build their assets. Our quality affordable housing is a huge piece of our asset-building work. As people stabilize in their housing, they are able to stay employed longer, build confidence and focus energy on their financial health. Some staff are trained in personal empowerment, which is a thread we often weave through our work.

Tax Clinics

In partnership with Prepare + Prosper, we offer free tax clinics during tax season. Volunteer accountants provide tax preparation for low-income individuals and families, free savings accounts, low-cost prepaid debit cards, savings bonds and credit reports. Through a partnership with Prepare + Prosper, we conducted a large-scale community listening project in 2015 that explored community members’ ideas and concerns about their financial resources.

Entrepreneur Training

Twice a year, we offer a 12-week entrepreneurship training facilitated by partner Neighborhood Development Center. Weekly group classes, one-to-one mentoring and small business planning add value for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Graduates from Hope cohorts have launched businesses from restaurants to clothing stores, financial services and more.