In a neighborhood where there had been devastation for so long, Hope Community has created a critical mass of housing and community spaces that is challenging hopelessness and acting as a catalyst for additional investment.

When we started here, many buildings were abandoned, boarded up, or in disrepair. Residents felt isolated because the streets were unsafe and there was nowhere to gather and meet neighbors. Hope started small—we bought a little red house and then slowly raised funds to almost an entire city block. We built partnerships to expand our work, including the South Quarter development with partner Aeon that now has four beautiful housing projects on the corner of a major Minneapolis intersection. Around 750 people now live in 263 units of Hope housing.

In a neighborhood that had been devastated, quality buildings and inviting community spaces speak of respect and commitment to the future. We create permanent spaces where people feel safe and welcome—whether it’s a home, a community room or a greenspace.


Our mixed-income rental homes are long-term quality housing. We strategically built a critical mass of housing all within one city block just south of downtown Minneapolis. Our innovative, entrepreneurial approach to real estate development creates community and neighborhood ownership.


Alongside hundreds of units of affordable housing spread across multiple buildings, we have invested in a community center, two neighborhood businesses, playgrounds and greenspaces.

Each of our unique spaces is part of our vision for a strong, healthy community.


Hope works with community members and other partners to operate a network of gardens where people can gather to learn, grow and build community connections.