Hope Community creates connections that strengthen the power of community members and communities. We cultivate community leaders, build community capacity, care for the places and spaces we develop, and pursue equity and diversity in all we do.


Respect. We believe in people. We relate to youth and adults as people, not clients.

Connection. We build relationships, which are the cornerstone of all our work.

Listening. We listen to all who engage with us. The realities we hear drive our planning and activities.

Learning. We incorporate reflection and evaluation in all our work and learn from our experiences.

Co-creation. We encourage people to co-create projects, programs, places and opportunities with us.

Equity. We pursue racial and economic equity in all our work. We work to achieve equitable power, access, opportunities, treatment, impacts and outcomes for all.

Stewardship. We are responsible and accountable stewards of the natural, human, material and community resources invested in our work.

Operating Principles

We believe that community engagement and real estate development are integral components of community development.

We develop both formal and informal partnerships to advance our mission.

We design our work to strengthen multi-cultural and economically diverse community involvement and leadership, to respect different cultural perspectives and to challenge racism.

We reflect our strong endorsement of the leadership and power of people of color in our board and staff composition and advancement policies and practices.

We operate organically, intentionally and flexibly, and strive to be accountable, transparent and authentic in all we do.

We recognize that courageous and respectful agitation is sometimes necessary to achieve change.

We appreciate courage, humility, patience, hope and humor, which help make our work possible and sustainable.