Partnership is a key Hope strategy for growing community experience and impact. We build networks, partnerships and connections that add depth and breadth to our work. We partner with at least 30 organizations every year to strengthen the web of relationships that creates a strong community. Some examples include:

  • Our transformative real estate development at the corner of Franklin and Portland has been accomplished in partnership with Aeon, a fellow nonprofit community developer. Aeon will continue to be a core partner in the future as we work together to maintain the South Quarter as a major benefit to the community.
  • City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT): Hope has partnered with CLCLT since 2004 and developed some of the first CLCLT properties. They are a key partner in Hope’s project to prepare and support renters for becoming owner-occupant-landlords of small multi-unit buildings that will be placed in the Land Trust as well as in a major rehabilitation project to create new, affordable ownership opportunities on Franklin Avenue.
  • Neighborhood Development Center has offered entrepreneur training at Hope since 2002, supporting hundreds of aspiring small business owners to develop business plans and a road map to success. NDC is also a partner in Hope’s Community Ownership Project, bringing an entrepreneurial perspective in support of renters who are preparing to become owner-occupant-landlords of small multi-unit buildings.
  • The Clubhouse Network (TCN) has been a key partner since 2018 in Hope’s youth development and career pathways work, serving as an intermediary for funding and providing training in TCN’s proven learning model for our Teen Tech Center and our Clubhouse to Career Pathways program

Hope’s work adds to community capacity in many ways. We build partnerships, are invited to important tables, and asked to advise others. Collective learning and experience shared by Hope staff, hundreds of community members, and partner organizations make larger impact possible.