Ryana Holt

Manager of Internal Teams & Community Engagement

Ryana began at Hope in 2020. She is responsible for leading administrative processes for Community Engagement programs including budgeting, program evaluations, and project management. Her role is highly collaborative in nature and increases each Community Engagement team’s capacity. Ryana connects the big-picture strategic goals with the detailed needs across departments. You may catch her supporting at Hope events where she loves to jump in and see her colleagues do what they do best! Sometimes referred to as “the glue” or “mycelium” of the organization by her colleagues, she is a good first point of contact for requests on the Community Engagement side of Hope. 

Ryana left Colorado to study math and English at St. Olaf College. She attributes much of her learning about the importance and power of strong community engagement processes to working and volunteering at a human rights organization in Mexico (ProDESC) and with a popular education organization in Chile (EPES). 

You can find her running along the Mississippi River, taking Latin dance classes, or weaving decorative wall hangings in her free time.