Roxxanne O’Brien

Parks and Power Organizer

Roxxanne O’Brien is a longtime Northside Resident and Community Organizer in Minneapolis. She is a mother of three children and has been fighting for environmental justice in her neighborhood for over a decade. She started her organizing training at Hope Community as a volunteer and member of the SPEAC program and has since worked tirelessly to bring issues of industrial pollution on the North side to the forefront. Roxxanne is a Parks and Power organizer at Hope Community and an Organizer in residence at Macalester College. She was a key organizer around the elevation of Northern Metals facility for the past 10 years. For the purpose of pushing the city and state to face environmental injustice and racism in her community, she helped start and served on the city’s first official Green Zones Working Group and is currently on the Northern Green Zone committee. Roxxanne is a Lead Organizer and co-founder of CMEJ. Roxxanne is also a 2013 Bush Fellow and a 2012 Nexus Northstar and Community Partners BCLI Fellow.