Olivia Levins Holden

Art of Radical Collaboration Manager

OLIVIA LEVINS HOLDEN (She/They) is a queer, mixed Boricua muralist, organizer, artist, and educator living on Dakota homeland, Mni Sota Makoce, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As a public artist and muralist, Olivia centers collaboration and collective design, and emphasizes the process being as essential as the final artwork.  Her work explores how art can transform and support movements, tell stories, plant seeds, and combat toxic narratives.  With her artist collective, Studio Thalo, Olivia creates live-painted mobile murals to reflect conversations and events.  She works as the Art of Radical Collaboration (ARC) Manager at Hope Community, Inc.  There she trains artists and leads community murals with youth and adults through the Power of Vision (POV) Mural Project (POV),  and facilitates emerging public artists through the Transformational Creative Strategies Training (TRCSTR).  Olivia serves on the board of directors at Public Functionary.  She received a 2022 McKnight Fellowship for Community Engaged Artists.

Olivia enjoys tree-climbing and being in nature, cooking and gardening, good conversation and playing with art materials.