James Evans (JT)

Youth Leadership & Learning Manager

J.T. Joined Hope in the fall of 2017 as the Best Buy Teen Tech Center Coordinator, to help launch and run this new program. Since then J.T. has expanded his role to become the Youth Leadership and Learning Manager where he helps support and develop Hope’s youth programs together with the YLL staff, as well as continuing to coordinate the Tech Center. J.T. has been working with youth professionally for close to 15 years. Prior to working at Hope, he helped develop and facilitate a program in North Minneapolis called “Beats and Rhymes.” J.T. has always used music production and creativity as a tool to connect with youth and build strong trusting relationships. He specializes in music and audio and has a degree in Audio Production and Engineering. Outside of his work at Hope, he is an audio engineer and producer who works with local musicians in Minneapolis. He also is a well-established DJ who works with many of the schools in the Minneapolis area to DJ school dances. He also does weddings and other events. For fun, J.T.’s number one passion is being active while playing competitive recreational sports. He enjoys traveling to compete in tournaments around the nation as well as consistently playing in local leagues. His favorite sport to compete in is flag football.