Jeremey Paulson

Farm Program Organizer

Jeremey has been a Farm Program Organizer at Hope Community in the Food Land and Community program since 2022. He was born in Saint Paul and moved to North Minneapolis at the age of 12. The Northside is a food desert where it is extremely difficult to get affordable good-quality fresh food. As he got older, he began to see a direct correlation between his mental/emotional well-being and the foods he was eating. This started him on his journey into plant medicine, food science, health, and wellness.

In his adult life, he began to learn and implement plant medicine, dietary changes, and wellness practices like yoga. Upon making significant strides to heal past trauma and improve his mental health, he decided to share this knowledge with co-founding Wellness on the Block, an organization dedicated to providing safe, accessible, affordable spaces for Black, Indigenous, and people of color spaces to heal. As an Afro-indigenous man he is building the community he desperately needed growing up in real-time.

In the Food Land and Community department, Jeremey uses his knowledge of wellness practices, and a network of BIPOC artists/creatives. This allows for innovative methods of increasing community garden participation and programming at Hope via classes and skill shares where the community is at the center. He knows the importance of food accessibility to BIPOC individuals and is actively working with the FLC program to eliminate barriers to urban agriculture.