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Enjoy our 2018 Annual Report!

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Our 2018 Annual Report celebrates the stories we know, collect, and have yet to discover. It celebrates over a decade of building
power, investing in leaders, placekeeping & making.
Thank you to our community of supporters. Together, we continue to building a stronger community, city & future. Know that you are a part of this story too-the time, energy, and dollars you have invested here are a part of what makes this place and our work thrive. You have a role in this story.


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Power of Vision Mural Program

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Collective visions of place keeping and leadership building.

Stay in the know on our upcoming mural – the process, artists & organizations involved. 



Power of Vision Mural Project (POV) began in 2004 as part of Hope Community’s community building and place keeping initiatives.  Since then, we have painted over 25 collaborative Murals in South Minneapolis, all centered on leadership development, skill-creation, and amplifying the stories and voices of participant artists by reflecting them in our physical environment.  In 2014, POV expanded our scope and possibilities by becoming a partnership project with Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The Project:

Power of Vision is partnering with Project for Pride in Living (PPL) in the spring and summer of 2019 to create a large mural on Franklin Ave.  We are working with a cohort of artist-organizers to conduct community engagement and listening, collectively design a mural that reflects this engagement, and paint a 3,600 square foot mural at Franklin Ave and 11th Ave. in Phillips, Minneapolis.


This project is an opportunity to utilize our platform as artists and organizers to highlight the history, voices, and priorities of Phillips communities on a large scale.  We hope to deepen relationships, illuminate stories, and invite engagement and collective ownership.


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Enjoy our Fall 2018 Newsletter

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Our 2018 Fall Newsletter is here!

Celebrating 15 years of the Power of Vision mural project


For more than a decade, art has been an important community building tool
in Hope’s place keeping and leadership development work. Within our Art,
Policy, and Power program, the Power of Vision (POV) mural project (est.
2004) has been a space for youth and adults to create murals that reflect
community, convey understanding and embody hope. The POV project
allows local emerging artists in our community to learn from mentors and
create public art reflective of their own vision of their community, while
building art skills, leadership, and relationships.


As Hope’s mission expands and our next chapter unfolds, the history of creating
Power Spaces remains a part of our core. POV exemplifies this by creating a
space for youth to explore arts in a new way—knowing they are at the center
and that their voices will be driving the narrative of the final mural—visible in
their own city. The POV project, like all our work, is part of our overall
strategy of Place Keeping—a development and engagement approach that
recognizes, amplifies, and leverages the stories, practices, and collective
assets already found within the neighborhood and the community.


Your investment in Hope is an investment in the power of community. Hope’s approach is to build on the existing power of community and to focus our work on what we hear from community. It is intentional, complex, and strategic and creates space where people can be part of a community where they can connect with others, learn together, and build the future they want to see.


We are grateful for your belief in, and generous support of our work.

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Please Enjoy our 2017 Annual Report!

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Our 2017 Annual Report celebrates our 40 years of building power spaces, while highlighting what we have done and what we’ve learned about our work over time: it’s not what we do that makes us successful, it’s how we do it.


Click here to read or print our 2017 Annual Report

Thank you to our community of supporters. Together, we are building a stronger community, city & future. 


Eager to share Hope with your friends? Watch our video and share it with those you care about. Donate or become a monthly Sustainer today!

Thank you,
Shannon Smith Jones

Here’s to Another 40 Years of Hope!

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What a day!


The Staff and Board of Hope Community are so appreciative to all who joined us on Saturday, May 19th, for our final 40th Anniversary Event!

Joined by over 150 of our community of residents, program participants, funders, donors and partners, we explored Hope’s Campus, connected with some of the many people who have shaped Hope over the last 40 years, and built new relationships as we enter a new era.

During our 40th Anniversary Open House, we were honored to unveil our newest video in our #40Stories of Hope Campaign. This story embodies the legacy of Hope & our commitment to our community. If you missed the program, or just want to see the wonderful video again, you can find it below! A very special thank you to our friends at Line Break Media for producing this powerful piece.



Here’s to Another 40 Years of Hope!!